The Offer in brief

  • At the time of the Offer (as defined below) being made, on 20 January 2021, the Offer valued each share at SEK 15.40 and thus all outstanding shares in Offentliga Hus to approximately SEK 3,942 million.
  • On 3 March 2021, SBB announced an acquisition of 791,548 shares in Offentliga Hus on Nasdaq First North Premier, corresponding to 0.31 percent of the total number of shares and votes in Offentliga Hus, at a price amounting to SEK 15.41 per share and that, as such, SBB have amended the cash consideration alternative in the Offer accordingly, to SEK 15.41 per share
  • Accordingly, SBB offers shareholders in Offentliga Hus to, for every share in Offentliga Hus, receive
    • a cash consideration of SEK 15.41 (the “Cash Consideration”), or
    • a share consideration of approximately 0.5 Class D shares in SBB (the “Share Consideration”) (the “Offer”).
  • The Offer is not subject to any financing condition or any other condition for completion. The Cash Consideration will be financed through existing funds and, if so required, externally secured bank financing. The Share Consideration will be financed through an issue in kind pursuant to an existing authorisation in SBB to those shareholders who accept the Share Consideration.

For further instructions on how to participate in the Offer, please refer to section “Terms and Conditions” in the prospectus that has been prepared in connection with the Offer, which also includes information that must be included in offer documents in accordance with the Takeover rules for certain trading platforms issued by the Swedish Corporate Governance Board, which has been announced and is held available in accordance with below (only available in Swedish) (the “Offer Document”). If your shares are registered in the name of a nominee, you are instead requested to contact your nominee. Acceptance must be made in accordance with instructions received by the nominee.