At his own request, Börje Vernet has chosen to step down from his role as a member of the Morphic Technologies board in order to be able to focus on his commitments as Group CEO of GP Plastic within the Nordstjernan Group.

“Under current circumstances, I quite simply do not have the time, as I previously did, to actively participate in the work of the Morphic board. I have had the privilege of being an active member of the board for almost two years and have been involved in the company’s fantastic transformation. Morphic has competent, motivated personnel, a focused management team, a well-informed, sound board of directors, and owners who take a long-range view. I am choosing to make my place as a member available to people who can continue to work actively and close to the company with its future of exciting development,” says Börje Vernet.

Börje Vernet is stepping down from his Morphic role on 18 March.

For further information, please contact:
Johannes Falk, Director of Investor Relations, Morphic Technologies AB
Tel: +46 70 676 7393, e-mail: [email protected]