The climate issue is one of humanity’s greatest challenges and we have a responsibility for future generations to contribute solutions and reduce our own climate impact. We want to act strongly in the climate transformation and SBB has therefore adopted the goal of climate neutrality by 2030 in the entire value chain, as an important part of our promise to build a better society. And we want to do it together with our tenants, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.


  • Continued investment in green financing by issuing green bonds and reducing energy consumption in our green portfolio linked to the green framework by 30 percent by 2023.
  • 100 percent renewable electricity in the entire property portfolio and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions by reducing the emissions by at least 5 percent per year
  • Continuing to contribute to innovations in environmental technology
  • Responsibly and effectively using natural resources and building and managing with a life-cycle mindset (among other things by promoting construction with wood)
  • Promoting renovation instead of demolition of buildings in the management portfolio. All properties held for more than three years must be environmentally inventoried and these inventories are to be done at least every ten years
  • At least 50 percent of SBB’s new production is to be comprised of buildings built of wood
  • Continuing to contribute to reduced water consumption in our properties with the goal of 1 percent water savings per year
  • Managing and creating housing in locations close to public transport, which contributes to reducing the transport sector’s environmental impact
  • Contributing to greater biodiversity and limiting the use and spread of environmentally hazardous products
  • Responsible management of waste by acting for the minimization of waste, preventing pollution and viewing waste as a resource for re-use and recycling.