• Consolidated net turnover for the six-month period was SEK 256.3m (200.6).

• The operating loss was SEK -463.4m (-77.6). The loss after financial items was SEK -463.4m (-73.8) and the loss after tax was SEK -458.0m (-71.2), of which SEK 318.4m refers to impairment losses.

• Earnings per share, attributable to parent company shareholders, were SEK -1.29 (-0.41).

• At the balance sheet date the equity/assets ratio was 59.8 percent (71.0%).

• Consolidated cash and cash equivalents at the balance sheet date were SEK 207.9m (226.2), of which SEK 67.5m (101.2) refers to frozen assets.

• Turnover in the second quarter was SEK 183.0m (92.6). The operating loss was SEK -399.1m (-36.1).

• After the end of the reporting period an agreement has been signed with GE Energy under which GE will acquire all of Morphic’s shares in Wellpower AB, the holding company that owns the shares of ScanWind A/S, a Norwegian supplier of large wind turbines. The transaction is described below.

This is Morphic
Morphic Technologies is an engineering group operating in the field of environmental technology. The Group’s core business is its fuel cells operation, which comprises production of complete fuel cells as well as key components and technologies for hydrogen production. Morphic Technologies’ B shares are listed on the OMX Nordic Exchange.