Morphic has received its first test order from a European supplier to the automotive and aircraft industries in a major fuel cell project.

The customer is a supplier to the automotive and aircraft industries, and also develops fuel cells for a range of applications. The development project will be divided into several phases, and this initial order is for modifications to an existing prototype. The key considerations clinching the deal for Morphic was the potential offered by Morphic’s production method and its ability to cut costs.

The modified product will be delivered at the end of 2008. Pending a satisfactory and positive result of the evaluation, the prototype will then be fully adapted to Morphic’s production method.

With virtually no impact on the environment and superior energy efficiency, fuel cells have the potential to replace many currently existing energy systems. Potential application areas for fuel cells include propulsion systems for cars and buses, laptops, cameras and other portable electronics, electrical generators, and military applications. Morphic has developed a patented technology for manufacturing key fuel cell components that are significantly less expensive, faster and more efficient than has previously been possible.

For more information, please contact:
Johannes Falk, Executive Vice President, Vice President Investor Relations, Morphic Technologies AB (publ)
Phone: +46 (0)70-676 73 93
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