The Morphic subsidiary Exergy Fuel Cells has been chosen as one of two companies that will be delivering fuel cells to an ongoing infrastructure project in London. The project is aimed at equipping temporary power installations in street environments with fuel cells, thus helping to cut pollution and noise levels.

London has a problem with air quality like many large, global cities. Levels of air pollution have exceeded the limits laid down by the EU for many years, and the capital now faces the prospect of penalties unless something is done.

A large number of projects have been initiated to improve air quality for the inhabitants and achieve long-term environmental improvements. In the boroughs of Camden and Croydon the local authorities have been conducting a project since 2006 aimed at equipping temporary power installations in the capital with fuel cells. Unlike traditional diesel generators, these cause neither emissions nor noise.

An initial system will be used to power mobile vehicle emissions monitoring equipment outside London City Hall in a demonstration on Wednesday, October 29. The fuel cell runs on hydrogen, which is provided from a local transport depot in Camden, near the new Kings Cross train station international Eurostar terminal.

“The projects have several objectives. One is that we want to completely eliminate pollution and noise from this type of generator. Another is to raise awareness about alternative sources of energy in general, and particularly hydrogen. We will also be actively sharing our knowledge with other authorities that want to introduce similar technology,” Omoniyi Giwa, Program Manager at Transport of London, says.

So far two fuel cell generators have been produced. The first is a 5 kW PEM fuel cell from the US manufacturer Plug Power. The second, which will be delivered in 2010, is equipped with two 1 kW PEM fuel cell systems provided by Exergy Fuel Cells, a Morphic subsidiary.

“We are very pleased to be delivering fuel cells to this project. It points to the acceptance of the technology and shows that hydrogen can be used as an energy carrier in urban environments,” Jonas Eklind, CEO & President of Morphic Technologies AB, says.

About Exergy Fuel Cells
The Morphic subsidiary Exergy Fuel Cells specializes in developing and manufacturing high-efficiency fuel cells for stationary energy systems and standby power units.
The company offers innovative, competitively priced fuel cells, developed in-house and patented, in a number of varying types and sizes. Several of the company’s fuel cell products have moved on from the prototype stage and are already in small-scale series production. Apart from fuel cells, the company also offers manufacturing processes for series production of individual components as well as complete fuel cell systems.

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