Morphic has received an order for ten 3 MW wind turbines for the Uljabuouda wind power park in the municipality of Arjeplog. The purchaser is Sweden’s fourth largest energy producer, Skellefteå Kraft AB. The order is valued at SEK 360 million.

The wind power park is to be constructed on Uljabuouda mountain in the municipality of Arjeplog. The park will become operational in the fall of 2009, to be completed in 2010. Its total annual production is estimated at 80 GWh, which is equivalent to the electricity requirement for around 4,000 electrically-heated private homes.

Uljabuouda is a pioneering project. It is the first major facility to be built in an Arctic climate. The risk of ice formation means that extremely stringent requirements are set for operational reliability and technology.

”After a long period of evaluation, we have chosen to use WinWinD turbines. The engineering construction and design of these turbines are those that cope best with the requirements we have specified for the project. Uljabuouda will constitute an important reference site for future wind power parks – an important step in the development of wind power in an Arctic environment will be taken here. Skellefteå Kraft has plans for more wind power in environments close to mountains, with Blaiken and its 100 wind turbines as the largest of these. Work is currently underway on permit application processes with a potential planned construction start date set for 2011-12,” says Anders Järvelä, Business Area Manager Electricity at Skellefteå Kraft.

”Uljabuouda is one of the most exciting wind power projects currently underway in Sweden, with huge development potential for Morphic. Wind power is a good complement to Skellefteå Kraft’s hydropower. On days when there is a wind blowing, wind power will allow water in the reservoirs to be saved”, says Jonas Eklind, President and Group CEO of Morphic Technologies AB.

Second major wind power park for Morphic
Apart from a number of small-scale parks already supplied – for Lysekils Energi, for example – the Uljabuouda wind power park is the second large-scale wind park for which Morphic is supplying wind turbines. In 2007, orders were received for a total of ten 3 MW turbines for the Lake Vänern Wind Park. Delivery to this park is planned for 2008 and 2009.

Morphic makes further investments in complete energy systems
For Morphic, the continued expansion of wind power is a strategic element in the company’s ongoing investment in complete energy systems, in which Morphic customers are offered continuous electricity production via fuel cell technology. Morphic’s equipment is able, in a cost-effective manner, to store renewable wind-generated electricity and to offer a maintained supply of electricity from wind turbines even when the wind is not blowing, or when it is blowing too strongly for safe electricity production. The technology is very suitable for both large and small, as well as for individual or larger-scale parks of wind turbines. Morphic is currently in discussions with various players within all areas of application concerning the introduction of the company’s energy systems.

About Skellefteå Kraft
Skellefteå Kraft is one of the major producers of electricity in Sweden, with its own energy assets in the form of hydropower, wind power and bio-energy. With our in-house know-how and constant development, we create quality, reliability and competence within technologies and processes such as bio-energy and wind power. That means we are able to offer our customers value-for-money energy solutions, which are eco-adapted for the long term, as well as safe and secure energy supplies. Skellefteå Kraft AB is a wholly-owned municipal company with five business areas – Electricity, Electricity Grid, Heating, Communications and Real Estate, as well as corporate staff functions to support the business areas. It employs approximately 470 people and, in 2007, its turnover was MSEK 3076.

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