The Morphic subsidiary Dynamis AB has today signed a partnership agreement with Bachmann Engineering AG, a Swiss systems integration specialist, on sales of Dynamis’ products in the Swiss market.

Under the agreement, Bachmann Engineering AB will market, sell and install Dynamis’ SensActive products for end customers, primarily businesses in the automotive and wood industries. SensActive is a generic term for the patented materials handling solutions developed by Dynamis AB.

“This is our first partnership agreement in the international market, and we see it as the start of the internationalization of our unique materials handling products. Switzerland is an exciting market in many ways. The country has significant chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries, and Swiss subcontractors have a unique proximity to the auto industry in southern Germany,” Anders Reyier, Dynamis’ CEO, says.

In recent years Dynamis has installed a number of materials handling systems on the Swedish market. These will now serve as valuable reference installations for the company’s European launch.

Revolutionary Materials Handling Technology
Dynamis AB is responsible for the Morphic Group’s operations in the field of automation. The company develops, manufactures and markets technology and equipment for materials handling and quality control in the engineering industry. The customers are Swedish and global engineering firms.

“We now have a family of systems that make us the market leader in systems for picking unsorted items directly from the pallet,” Anders Reyier says.

Dynamis’ method for picking unsorted items from pallets using robots, known as “bin picking”, is one of the unique and highly sought-after applications for the company’s patented SensActive system, which was developed in-house. Other applications include palletizing and pattern layout, and dimension analysis for quality assurance.

Apart from standard products, the company also offers complete plant installations with conveyor systems and customized solutions when required.

Bachmann Engineering AG, which is based in Zofingen outside Zurich, has been developing turnkey automation solutions for over 30 years. The company works with all leading suppliers and has its own machine construction and software developments operations.