Helbio S.A., Morphic Technologies’ company in Greece, has taken an order for an energy system for converting biogas from sewage for electrical power and heating. The system produces 20 kW of electrical energy and 20 kW of heating energy.

Within the system, heat or electricity is extracted from biogas, which is, in turn, extracted directly from the sewage. The customer is Patras Municipal Corporation for Water Supply and Waste Water Management. The facility is going to be ready in June 2008 and will then be assessed for three months. Apart from Helbio’s patented reformers, the system includes a purification filter for the biogas, a 20 kW fuel cell, and a voltage converter for adapting the fuel cell’s output voltage to the electricity network. The electrical energy is consumed locally within the water treatment plant, and the heating energy produced is used for making the purification process in the water treatment plant more efficient. After the planned evaluation period, interest has been shown in additional systems for considerably greater outputs, since this pilot plant only uses a fraction of the biogas extracted.

“The system constitutes a typical example of the energy systems that we are now starting to offer the market. Sewage purification is only one area in which the combined reformer/fuel cell system can be used directly. Incineration plants, garbage stations, industries and agriculture are other prioritized areas. The plant will naturally become an important reference facility in the global marketing of our various energy systems”, says Jonas Eklind, President and CEO of Morphic Technologies.

Since 2005, intensive development work has been carried out within Morphic Business Development concerning eco-friendly energy systems that make it possible to produce electricity, heating and hydrogen locally. A new type of energy system is being created by utilizing wind power, solar energy and biogas in energy systems designed around reformers and fuel cells. The systems involve a completely new way of converting, storing and using renewable energy.

About Helbio
Since it was established in 2001, Helbio has attained a leading position as regards the development of technology for producing hydrogen gas cost-effectively. The core of Helbio’s competence comprises unique know-how within catalyzer technology, combined with innovative, patented technical solutions for “reformers” which in combination permit the development of systems for converting liquid and gaseous fuels such as alcohols and hydrocarbons. The strength of this technology lies in its high level of efficiency, low production costs and, perhaps especially, the opportunity it provides for producing hydrogen locally. Two of the factors that have long been obstacles to a wider distribution of hydrogen technology are thereby eliminated – high production costs and difficulties linked to distribution.

In August 2007, Morphic Technologies AB acquired a 55 % shareholding in Helbio. The acquisition means that Morphic gains access to competence that will hasten the introduction onto the market of Morphic’s energy systems, which are assessed as having major commercial potential.