Finshyttan Hydro Power AB, a Morphic subsidiary, has received an order for the renovation and modernization of unit 5 in the Harsprånget hydroelectric power plant on the Lule River in northern Sweden.

The order is for the replacement of bearings and gaskets, renovation of wheels and installation of a new rim unit control system. The work will be performed on site at the plant and in the company’s premises in Filipstad. The client is Vattenfall AB Vattenkraft.
“For us this order is very significant for future projects involving larger units”, Håkan Örtqvist, CEO of Finshyttan Hydro Power AB, says.
Harsprånget is Sweden’s largest hydroelectric plant in terms of installed output, generating about 1.5 percent of the country’s electricity. The unit concerned is the largest on the Lule River, with a wheel diameter of 6.6 m and an output of 450 MW.