Bologna – Italy. Morphic Exergy has received an order for a new type of fuel cell that will be used in underwater crafts. The customer is the Polish Navy in Gdynia.

The development work has been carried out parallel with the ongoing industrialization process for Polaris 140, the fuel cell system for recreational vehicles such as boats, travel trailers and motor homes. All volume manufacturing of fuel cell stacks follows one primary process, and the in-house designed machinery that is used is the same for all of Exergy’s products.

Morphic will deliver an unconventional, AIP-fuel cell system where electricity is generated in environments with no contact with the atmosphere. The fuel cells are driven by pure hydrogen gas and pure oxygen as opposed to a conventional fuel cell where oxygen is extracted from the air. The advantage of this is that the system can be made more compact and it also increases efficiency. This technology has primarily been used by the military or for space applications.

“The result of the development work is exciting. We are broadening our existing product portfolio consisting of fuel cells mainly intended for civilian use with niche systems for military applications and are strengthening our position as a supplier of fuel cells. Today’s initial order from the Polish Navy means that we now have a customer order for environmentally-friendly electricity generation for land, underwater and airborne applications,” says Martin Valfridsson, President and CEO of Morphic Technologies.

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Johannes Falk, Vice president Corporate Strategy and IR,
Morphic Technologies
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