• Rental income increased to SEKm 585 (11).
  • The net operating surplus increased to SEKm 357 (5).
  • The net operating result increased, as a result of the improved net operating surplus, to SEKm 138 (1).
  • The profit for the period increased to SEKm 1,686 (354), which corresponds to an earnings per share of SEK 2.93.
    • Unrealized property value changes excluding building rights amounted to SEKm 1,502 (129).                    
    • Unrealized value changes as a result of building rights amounted to SEKm 500 (325).
  • The value of the property portfolio increased to SEKm 21,143 (2,326).
  • The EPRA NAV per share increased to SEK 8.44.
  • SBB offered summer jobs to 73 young adults from our residential areas.
  • The surplus ratio increased from 55 percent in the first quarter to 65 percent in the second quarter, which contributed to a operating profit of SEKm 103 for the second quarter.

“Those figures speak a clear language, an earnings per share of 2.93 SEK is a fantastic good result that our employees delivered across the board from property management to property development. Furthermore, taking into account, that SBB owns low-risk assets with 60% of the property portfolio in the metropolitan regions of the Nordics and another 20% in regional cities, the result is even more impressive.”

Ilija Batljan

CEO and Founder

Enclosure: Interim report January – June 2017

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Ilija Batljan, CEO and Founder of Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB, 070 518 39 67, [email protected]