Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (publ) (“SBB”) has initiated a collaboration with Skellefteå Kraft that will supply 100 per cent. origin certified renewable electricity to all of SBB’s Swedish properties. When SBB’s total consumption in Sweden of approximately 60 GWh has been switched to 100 per cent. renewable electricity, this means that SBB’s CO2 emissions will be approximately 15,000 tonnes lower per year than if the energy was used according to the so-called Nordic residual mix corresponding to a CO2 emission of approximately 250.76 g / Kwh. Nuclear fuel waste saving will be just under 70 kilograms.

“As a member of Public Housing Sweden and the Nordic region’s leading player when it comes to community properties, SBB shows leadership on the journey towards a fossil-free society. Using 100 per cent. renewable electricity will benefit our shareholders and our role as a long-term partner to the Nordic public sector. SBB is like a green municipal bond, 100 per cent. renewable electricity and more than 90 per cent. of our income comes directly or indirectly from the state or municipality and Swedish regulated rentals,” says Ilija Batljan, CEO and Founder of SBB.

For further information, please contact:

Ilija Batljan, CEO and Founder of Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB, +46 70 518 39 67, [email protected]