Morphic Technologies’ subsidiary company, Dynamis, has been awarded a Swedish patent for its SensActive™ material handling system. The patent covers the system’s unique method for automatically locating items that are lying unsorted in a pallet and then controlling an industrial robot to pick up the items.

SensActive™ identifies and handles unsorted items. The system is used to instruct a robot to pick and handle unsorted objects directly from a pallet (bin-picking), something that has not previously been possible. The ability to pick items directly from a transportation container without first lifting out the content for sorting achieves major gains in terms of time and factory space when loading items into processing machinery. The method can be used to automate an otherwise arduous manual task.
“We have already sold three strategically important systems to Haldex Brake Products and will now be initiating global sales activities in a number of priority markets”, Anders Reyier, Dynamis’ Managing Director, says. “The timing of this product is perfect, as we are launching it at a time when industrial enterprises are doing everything they can to streamline their businesses”.