SSM Holding AB (publ) has decided to return the Täby Topasen 4 property to the municipality of Täby for commercial reasons. The property was originally intended to house 134 cooperative apartments within the framework of SSM’s Täby Market project. The municipality will repay down payment corresponding to approximately 8.7 MSEK to SSM during the second quarter 2020.

In 2018, SSM signed a land transfer agreement with the municipality of Täby regarding the Täby Hästen 2  property (today Täby Topasen 4) with the intention of developing housing in the area.

SSM then developed the Täby Market project with 134 cooperative apartments within the property.
For commercial reasons, SSM has decided not to take possession of Täby Topasen 4 and will instead return the property to the municipality of Täby.

During Q2 2020, the municipality will repay down payment of approximately 8.7 MSEK to SSM.     


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Ann-Charlotte Johansson
EVP Communications & IR
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