Today, SSM will begin selling homes in the first phase of the Elverket project located in the new  Nacka Stad residential area in western Sicklaön that will soon be connected to the city by subway.
In total, the project includes about 400 affordable, space-efficient cooperative apartments, 168 of which are now being sold. The project aims to offer a number of attractive shared spaces including rooftop terraces with planters, car and bike pools, electric vehicle charging stations, bike workshops, indoor spas and 1,000/1,000 Mbit/s broadband. The first tenants are expected to move in towards the end of 2020. As of the third quarter 2017, SSM had 1,145 residential units in production with a sales rate of 97.0 percent.

SSM is now starting to sell 168 affordable, smart homes with attractive and modern shared spaces within the framework of the Elverket project. The sales start is the first of several phases and SSM plans to develop a total of about 400 apartments within the project. The development is attractively located in the emerging residential area of Nacka Stad in western Sicklaön. Nacka municipality’s vision for the new area is to create a cohesive and vibrant neighborhood offering parks and green spaces that go hand in hand with market squares and al fresco dining. Nacka Stad is expected to have 14,000 new homes and 10,000 new workplaces. The area will eventually be connected to the blue line of the Stockholm subway system
(Nacka Forum station).

Elverket is characterized by modern architecture and inspired by open spaces and generous surfaces that invite people to gather. The project will comprise nine buildings that are between five and nine stories high with varying facades and color schemes as well as roofs made of different materials. Phase one is made up of four buildings with a total floor space of 8,457 m2 including retail space on the ground floor.

The homes range from one- to five-room units with a floor space of 28 to 98 m2 with most measuring between 40 and 50 m2. The majority of the apartments have a balcony. Planned shared spaces include several rooftop terraces with planters, a lush courtyard, a car and bike pool, a charging station for electric vehicles and a bike workshop. The fastest broadband in the market, 1,000/1,000 Mbit/s, is also included in the monthly fee. The first tenants are expected to move in towards the end of 2020. 

–       Today, SSM has a sales rate of 97.0 percent for homes in production, confirming the demand for our affordable homes close to the city center. We’re now selling 168 space-efficient and competitively-priced cooperative apartments with desirable shared spaces in our Elverket project – in other words, very much in line with the demands of tomorrow’s urbanites, says Mattias Roos, President & CEO of SSM. 

The project is a joint venture between SSM and LIBU Invest.

As of September 30, 2017, SSM had 1,415 homes in production with a sales rate of 97.0 percent. For more information about the Elverket project and to register interest in SSM’s housing projects, visit 

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SSM produces functionally smart and affordable homes with attractive common areas, close to public transport and the city center for the company’s target group — the urbanites of tomorrow. The company envisions a housing market that is accessible to as many people as possible and aspires to produce 60 percent cooperative apartments, 30 percent rental units and 10 percent student housing. SSM is the leading property developer in its niche within the Greater Stockholm area and in October 2017, the company had approximately 6,500 building permits in its portfolio. SSM was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (Mid-cap) April 6, 2017