Today, SSM will begin selling 204 cooperative apartments in the attractive and emerging residential area Kista Äng. The project, which is called Kosmopoliten, offers affordable and space-efficient cooperative apartments with a floor area of 24-98 m² of which about 90 percent have a floor area of 30-65 m². Most of the units will have their own balcony or patio and the future owners will also be able to enjoy attractive, modern common areas such as an outdoor gym and pool, an orangery, a large parking area for bikes, a car pool, charging stations for electric cars and a temperature-controlled room for grocery deliveries. Production is expected to start in 2019 with occupation expected during the latter part of 2021.

SSM, Stockholm’s leading residential property developer within its niche, is now selling 204 cooperative apartments corresponding to a total living area of 10,024 m² within the framework of its Kosmopoliten project. Kosmopoliten is part of the attractive, rapidly-growing Kista Äng area and it is centrally located close to the planned square in the area. The square will be a vibrant walkway with large sidewalks, stores and outdoor restaurants. In total, the City of Stockholm has planned to build approximately 1,600 apartments in the area going forward.

The architecture in the Kosmopoliten project includes varying ceiling heights, facades made of brick and wood and sedum (green) roofs. The floor area of the units will be 24-98 m². Production is expected to start in 2019 with occupation towards the end of 2021.

“SSM’s vision for Kosmopoliten has been to be able to offer our target group – the urbanites of tomorrow – affordable, space-efficient homes with their own balconies or patios together with modern common areas and services such as an outdoor gym and pool, orangery, car pool and in-building cold-storage facilities for grocery deliveries. The number of people who have signed up as prospective buyers shows that there is high interest in the project and we look forward to starting sales today,” says Mattias Roos, President & CEO at SSM.

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SSM produces functionally smart and affordable homes with attractive common areas, close to public transport and the city center for the company’s target group — the urbanites of tomorrow. The company envisions a housing market that is accessible to as many people as possible and aspires to produce 60 percent cooperative apartments, 30 percent rental units and 10 percent student housing. SSM is the leading property developer in its niche within the Greater Stockholms-region and in April 2017, the company had close to 5,800 building permits in its portfolio. SSM was listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (Mid-Cap) April 6, 2017