Morphic Technologies subsidiary, Cell Impact AB, has today received a substantial test order for fuel cell plates from a recognized, large Asian manufacturer. The plates will be technologically evaluated with the aim of implementation in a large number of the company´s products.

Cell Impact has today received an order for a large number of flow plates for fuel cells. The customer is a recognized Asian manufacturer of consumer electronics.

“Consumer electronics is characterized by short production development cycles and mass production can be a reality within the fiscal year 2007/2008. Our combination of high quality and superior production efficiency makes our offer unique. This is confirmed by the large interest within the three areas that we give priority to,” says Martin Valfridsson, CEO of Cell Impact AB.

In a fuel cell system for consumer electronics, electricity is produced by a controlled reaction between hydrogen or methanol and oxygen. The potential for fuel cells is huge, due to the virtually non-existent impact on the environment combined with superior energy efficiency.

The most obvious benefit from fuel cells in consumer electronics is the increased operating time. Compared to todays time-consuming recharging of conventional batteries refilling of the fuel cell can be done instantly.