Morphic Technologies subsidiary, Cell Impact AB, has received an order for fuel cell plates for fuel cells to power consumer electronics from one of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers. The fuel cell plates are to be evaluated in a technology platform intended for the customer’s new products.

Cell Impact has received a test order to produce fuel cell plates for methanol fuel cells. The customer is a global electronics manufacturer. The primary advantage of fuel cells in consumer electronics is the fact that they have considerably longer operating time. Unlike today’s batteries, it is much quicker to recharge fuel-cell driven units.

“We are advancing our position world leader with yet another test order from an electronics giant. We estimate that methanol fuel cells will be introduced on the market this year. An indicator of this is that some countries are making infrastructure plans for methanol cartridges in stores despite the fact that there are, as of yet, no fuel-cell powered products publicly available”, says Martin Valfridsson, CEO for Cell Impact.

In a fuel cell system for consumer electronics, electricity is produced by the fuel dissolving and reacting with oxygen. The market potential for fuel-cell technology is enormous as it has a superior efficiency and virtually no negative impact on the environment.