For the purpose of providing a correct distribution of information in relation to the housing project Metronomen by Telefonplan, which consists of 188 cooperative apartments, the following clarification is being made.

On 28 February 2019, the housing association Metronomen received writ of summons from 44 buyers that previously have terminated their pre-agreements. The buyers claim that the district court orders the housing association to refund the advance payments of SEK 25,000 paid by the buyers including interest.

In addition to the above-mentioned 44 writ of summons, five additional writ of summons regarding refunding
of previously advance payments to the housing association Metronomen are ongoing in the district court.

The opinion of SSM and the housing association is that the agreements are valid and that the terminations
are unfounded. The company and the housing association intend to provide additional information on the continued process after the summons applications have been reviewed.

Moving into the housing association Metronomen is expected to start during the first quarter of 2020.

For more information, please contact:
Ann-Charlotte Johansson
Chief Communications & IR
Telephone: +46 (0)761-65 17 71
Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @AnnCharlotteSSM

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