Morphic Technologies’ subsidiary, DynaWind AB, has received an order for the company’s largest wind turbine for Vindpark Vänern, a wind park on Lake Vänern, Sweden. The order, the largest in company history, entails a complete park with five turbines, each with a rated output of 3MW. The order is worth 229 million Swedish kronor.

A total of 10 wind turbines, each measuring 3 MW, are planned for Gässlingegrund in Lake Vänern. Aside from the five that have already been ordered, DynaWind has also quoted the second half of the wind park for the remaining turbines, which are presently subject to public procurement. The wind power park will be built in cooperation with PEAB and construction is planned to commmence in 2007. Delivery of the wind turbines is planned for 2008. The order is a break-through for DynaWind as a supplier for cohesive wind parks and will serve as an important reference in the company’s continued business development.

”DynaWind’s wind turbines are very competitive in price and quality and fulfill our criteria in performance and reliability. Together with the company’s commitment to service, this is a guarantee for the long-term profitability of the investment. It is also gratifying that a Swedish supplier can win orders of this magnitude ahead of their foreign competitors”, says Peter Danielsson, spokesman for Vindkraft Gässlingen Ekonomisk Förening, one of the parties forming the Vindpark Vänern consortium.

Morphic has previously sold their three building rights with a clause stipulating that these building rights would include orders for DynaWind’s wind turbines. The current wind turbine order fulfills this obligation and the sale of the three building rights generates an additional 5 million Swedish kronor outside the above-mentioned order value.

“The Vänern Wind Park is one of the most exciting projects in Sweden at the moment and we are especially excited to have been commissioned to build an entire park with our high-performance wind turbines”, says Leif Jonsson, Sales Manager for DynaWind AB.

In a short period of time, Morphic has sold a total of 11 wind turbines to customers in Sweden. All in all, the orders total approximately MSEK 364. In order to meet the great demand for wind turbines, a decision was made in winter 2006 to build a new wind turbine tower factory in the Kristinehamn, Sweden. The investment entails increasing the production capacity by a factor of ten, going from producing 10 towers a year to an annual production of 100. The facility will become operational in summer of 2007.

“There is great interest in wind power at the moment. Wind power has gone from being virtually a fringe business area to establishing itself as a realistic alternative and complement to other types of energy. The major upswing in interest in our wind turbines is proof of this”, says Leif Jonsson.

Vindpark Vänern in Brief
The Vänern Wind Park, Vindpark Vänern (, is a consortium consisting of Karlstads Energi AB, Karlstads Bostads AB, Gåsungarna AB, Hammarö Energi AB, AB Hammarö-bostäder, Kyrkvinden Ekonomisk förening and Vindkraft Gässlingen Ekonomisk förening.
One wind turbine measuring 3MW in Gässlingegrund is estimated to produce 9 GWh (9 million kWh) per year. The ten planned turbines correspond to approximately 10% of today’s total wind powered electricity production in Sweden.