Morphic Technologies’ subsidiary DynaWind has received an order for the company’s largest model of wind turbines for Vindpark Vänern. The order comprises complete installation of five wind turbines with a rated capacity of 3 MW each and is worth SEK 234 million.

A total of ten 3 MW wind turbines will be stationed in the Gässlingegrunden shallows in Lake Vänern. In addition to the five turbines commissioned in the new order, DynaWind received an order earlier this year for the first part of the wind park for the other five planned turbines. Delivery is scheduled to take place in 2008 and 2009. The total order value for installation of the five turbines is SEK 234 million.
Each 3 MW turbine in Gässlingegrunden is expected to generate 9 GWh (9 million kWh) per year. The ten planned turbines will generate electricity equivalent to almost 10 percent of the current wind power output in Sweden.
“On land and along the coasts of Sweden there are many areas that are suitable for wind power generation, and there is a considerable number of companies throughout the country, some very large and some very small, that are working on various wind power projects. Right now there is more interest than ever, which is benefiting us and the whole industry. In fact, everyone will be a winner, not least the environment. This is the first project in which wind turbines are being built in a major lake. Vindpark Vänern will therefore serve as a valuable reference facility for the continued expansion of wind power in Sweden. The project also involves using a new technique for the turbines’ foundations”, Anders Sjögren, DynaWind’s Managing Director, says.
DynaWind, which was set up in 2006, currently has 17 employees and is continually recruiting new staff. The company provides two sizes of wind turbine, 1 MW and 3 MW.
Vindpark Vänern ( is a consortium consisting of Karlstads Energi AB, Karlstads Bostads AB, Gåsungarna AB, Hammarö Energi AB, AB Hammarö-bostäder, Kyrkvinden Ekonomisk förening and Vindkraft Gässlingen Ekonomisk förening.
“The project will have many positive effects”, Åke Pettersson, Municipal Commissioner and Chairman of Vindpark Vänern Kraft AB, says. “It will lead to a greater use of renewable electrical production, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and help to promote clean air and a toxin-free environment”, Åke Pettersson continues.
“The planned wind park will also give us a deeper knowledge, experience and a general idea of what it involves to establish wind power in a maritime environment”, Mats Enmark, the Managing Director of Vindpark Vänern Kraft AB, says. “Building a facility in a major lake is, we believe, something unique that has never been tried before”, he adds.