Corporate governance at SBB aims to ensure that rights and obligations are distributed among the company’s bodies in accordance with applicable laws, rules and processes. An effective and transparent corporate governance gives the owners the opportunity to assert their interests vis-à-vis the company’s management, at the same time as the division of responsibility between the management and the Board, but also otherwise within the company, is clear. An effective and transparent corporate governance results in decisions being made effectively, which enables SBB to act quickly when new business opportunities arise.

SBB is a Swedish public limited company whose B common shares and D common shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm (Large Cap). SBB has also issued bond loans that are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and Euronext Dublin. SBB’s corporate governance is based on law, articles of association, Nasdaq Stockholm’s and Euronext Dublin´s rules for issuers, and the rules and recommendations issued by relevant organisations. The Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the “Code”) shall be applied by all companies whose shares are trading on a regulated market. The Code is available at, where the Swedish corporate governance model is also described.