SBB applies ambitious targets for reducing the impact on the climate and environment from property development and operation. These targets encompass the entire life cycle of the building and include reducing energy consumption by 5 per cent annually and reducing climate emissions in production by, for example, using wood in construction. In addition to our long-term visions and goals, we have environmental requirements in all new developments through our Environmental Annex.

Climate change and climate adaptation entail risks for society and the property sector. Physical risks include rising sea levels, more extreme weather events and more heat waves, causing risks for particularly vulnerable groups. As a long-term property owner, it is important that we plan our property development processes and property portfolio to minimize these risks. Risks in adaptation include fluctuating demand for premises and housing, new regulations, modes of transport and changing travel habits. These risks are included in management’s risk management work, for which the CEO is responsible. For several years, SBB has inventoried the climate-related risks in the property portfolio, with additional commitments being undertaken in 2020 to thoroughly analyze the sustainability risks of each individual property. SBB also reports climate-related data in accordance with the TCFD’s recommendations.



Progress and initiatives in 2020

Zero-net climate emissions and reduced environmental impact

Energy use

100 per cent renewable electricity from hydroelectric, wind and solar power through an agreement with Skellefteå Kraft. In 2020, the monitoring and reporting of energy use was expanded to include the entire portfolio. Our green bonds finance energy reduction initiatives in our properties such as: improvement in insulation, energy efficient boilers, geothermal heating and lighting retrofits.

Carbon dioxide emissions

SBB targets reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 750 tonnes annually. In 2020, the monitoring and reporting of carbon dioxide emissions was expanded to include the entire portfolio. Numerous initiatives have been implemented to reduce emissions. We consider climate impact from a life cycle perspective and we are positioning ourselves to be able to perform life cycle assessments in all of our new developments.

Certified buildings

Five new properties were certified in 2020. A list of all certified properties is publicly available on the website. In total, 7.5 per cent of our property portfolio is certified.

Number of green leases

Several new green leases were signed in 2020. A formal system for monitoring the number of green leases is being developed.

Risk analysis

Climate-related risks throughout the portfolio were analyzed. Risk management falls under the CEO’s responsibilities and is part of management’s regular work. Physical risks and adjustment risks are included in the risk analysis. A risk analysis is always conducted when acquiring a property. All of SBB’s properties are fully insured.


SBB focuses on re-development of properties that have already been developed in the past. At the same time, we are increasing the biodiversity of these properties in dialogue with local communities. In case of any uncertainty as regard to the effect of biodiversity, we will perform environmental consequence assessments.

Water usage

Water usage is measured and monitored annually. Low-flush toilets, showers and mixer taps are installed in connection with renovations.

Wood construction

More than 50 per cent of our current project portfolio employs wood construction (from FSC certified forests). We are pioneers in the area and are building one of the world’s tallest wood buildings in Skellefteå.

Proximity to public transport

SBB creates opportunities for a sustainable lifestyle by investing in properties in vicinity to public transport, the percentage of properties close to public transport is regularly  monitored.

> 98 per cent of our properties are less than a ten-minute walk away from public transport.