Environmental Sustainability

SBB aims to minimize carbon dioxide emissions and other harmful environmental impacts in all stages of the life cycle. This means that SBB will preserve and safeguard existing buildings and strive to make them more energy efficient in order to achieve the same technical standard as in newly built buildings. In new construction, great emphasis is placed on minimizing emissions from the construction process and taking ecosystems and biodiversity into account, among other things by using sustainable building materials such as wood and considering biodiversity in the dialogue and planning process. Environmental risks are always inventoried, mapped and documented during the construction process. Achieving the set goals requires systematic work with established knowledge and technical solutions, but new and groundbreaking technologies are also required. SBB works actively to test innovations in environmental technology.


  • Reduced energy use and climate impact by five per cent per year
  • At least 50 per cent of new production shall be built in wood from certified forestry
  • The entire property portfolio and all new production must be within ten minutes walking distance from public transport
  • Reduced water use by one per cent per year
  • Mapping of climate-related risks (physical and transitional risks) in the entire property portfolio