SBB creates sustainable environments where people want to live, work and stay for a long time. SBB’s work locally contributes to social, environmental and financially sustainable development of the society by being the largest Nordic actor for social infrastructure.

Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB (SBB) is the largest Nordic real estate player in social infrastructure. SBB works locally with environmental, social and economic sustainable development of society as a whole. SBB creates sustainable environments where people want to live, work and stay for a long time to come. The company achieves this by being an attractive and inclusive employer that attracts competent employees.

Sustainability is prioritised and an important part of our business model. SBB strives to be the most sustainable real estate company in the world and to set the agenda for sustainable development in the entire real estate industry.

At the UN Summit in September 2015, the world’s heads of state and governments adopted 17 global sustainable development goals to lead the world towards a sustainable and equitable future by 2030. Based on these goals, SBB has developed a Sustainability Vision for 2030 (“Vision 2030”). Special focus is placed on contributing to the following UN’s global sustainable development goals: 5, 7, 8, 11, 13 and 15. Vision 2030 has been adopted by the Board of Directors and the goals are continuously followed up by Group Management and the Board of Director’s Sustainability Committee.


  • Climate positive by 2030 (in the entire value chain)
  • At least 90 per cent social assets in the real estate portfolio
  • Climate-adapted property portfolio with regard to climate risks (such as regulatory and physical risks)
  • SBB is a pioneer in new technology and sets the standard for sustainability in the real estate industry


Regional Top Rated 2022

SBB has been identified as a top ESG performer (ESG Regional Top Rated 2022) out of more than 4,000 comprehensive companies that Sustainalytics covers in their global universe.
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