As the organization grows, coordination needs also increase and the demands imposed on communications and leadership are raised. It is important to attract and retain competent employees. It is also important that employees have local roots. For this reason, the company employs young people who spend their summer break working in the residential areas where they live. A personal commitment to the local community like this brings continued development of the residential environment while also providing favourable social side effects.

Based on their individual capacity, all employees shall be afforded opportunities for optimal professional and personal development to enhance the success of the organization and the employee. SBB guarantees all personnel a workplace characterized by equal opportunities, dignity, respect and justice, free from discrimination and harassment. Recruitment decisions shall always be based on clearly defined criteria and all applicants must be treated and assessed on these grounds, without discrimination. Discrimination includes, but is not limited to, the grounds against which Swedish law provides protection: gender, transgender identity or expression, ethnicity, religion or belief, disability, sexual orientation and age. All new employees must participate in SBB’s introductory programme, which includes information on career development and policies including the Code of Conduct and the Sustainability Policy.


Progress and initiatives in 2020

Developing human capital

Attracting and retaining talent
  • Market-based terms of employment
  • Collective agreements
  • Skills development
  • Good working environment
  • Flexible working hours and geographical postings adapted to our employees’ circumstances.
  • Parental leave and parental compensation
  • Bonuses based on several different parameters linked to SBB’s fulfilment of targets and the performance of the individual employee.
  • A long-term incentive programme, where all empoyees are offered part-ownership through the subscription of options with a maturity of three yars.
  • Annual performance reviews, personal development and skills enhancement.
  • Employees enjoy health insurance and occupational pension benefits.
  • Membership in MERC Talaent Network that aims to increase the members´networks and give young talent insight into potential career paths ahead.
Proportion of employees covered by collective agreements [GRI 102-41]

More than 80 per cent of all employees are covered by collective agreements.

Employee benefits

Wellness allowance, eyeglasses, paid vacation, company car, parental leave, occupational pension and health insurance.

Flexibility and balancing work and life

Flexible working hours and geographical postings adapted to our employees’ circumstances.

Encouraging diversity and equality

Initiatives to increase diversity and equality awareness in connection with personnel meetings and training.

Gender pay ratio [Diversity- Pay]

A salary survey is done annually to discover any differences in salaries and ensure that the company’s salaries are gender equal. Regulations and practice for salaries and terms of employment are documented in SBB’s HR policy and salary policy. There, it is stated that the salary
shall reflect the employee’s expertise, work results, responsibility and development. SBB’s CEO leads the work with the salary survey and immediately adjusts any differences discovered between women and men who do the same work.

Improving well-being at work and fostering a balance between work and leisure [H&S-Emp] [GRI 403-2]

Opportunities for teleworking, flexible working hours and taking the employee’s personal situation into account.

Measuring employee well-being

Employee surveys are conducted.

Education and development [Emp-Training] [Emp-Dev]

A training plan for all employees was developed during 2020. The training sessions include role-specific topics and compulsory components on the environment, work environment, Code of Conduct, climate risks and risks in the supply chain. The HR manager is responsible for the
planning and implementation of the training plan. The implementation of the training plan began with virtual training meetings during 2020 due to the prevailing risk of the spread of infection.

Employee interviews and assessment

Employee interviews conducted for all employees.

Health, safety and terms of employment for employees, operational personnel and contractors

SBB’s responsibility for health and safety extends to all of SBB’s assets and workplaces, including construction sites. Safety inspections are regularly conducted in its own and contractors’ workplaces where risks are inventoried, assessed and resolved.
All managers are trained in health and safety. Health and safety are also included in the training plan for all employees with relevant content
adapted to each role. In 2020, short-term sickness absence was 2.7 percent and long-term sickness absence was 4.8 percent.
SBB supports the long tradition of respect for agreements between unions and employers’ organizations that are in place in all of SBB’s markets. All of SBB’s employees except the head office are covered by collective agreements (80 percent). Employees are covered by the collective agreements regardless whether they are union members or not. Union representatives are involved in negotiations in reorganizations and in risky work steps.

Training managers in working environment and business acumen

All managers shall be able to identify and address risks in the work environment, such as noise, heavy lifting, high elevations, ergonomics, etc. SBB’s work environment responsibility covers both SBB’s own and insourced personnel, such as contractors. Training in working environment and business acumen is mandatory for all managers in property management. Training is arranged on an ongoing basis to keep skills and awareness up to date.

New employees during the year [GRI 401-1]


Employee turnover [Emp-Turnover]
[GRI 401-1]

20,3 %

Career paths within SBB SBB is a rapidly growing company with many opportunities for the employees to develop within their roles or by switching roles. In property management, there is a possibility to change one’s areas of responsibility, such as by going from property manager to area manager or from area manager to regional manager. There are also opportunities for specialization, such as by going from a technician to a technical manager or by developing further in other ways, such as by a property manager taking on a different group of properties or switching business area. SBB also encourages employees who want to grow by obtaining further training.