SBB was founded in March 2016 with a vision to create the best Nordic property company focused on residential and social infrastructure properties. The company’s strategy is long term ownership, management and development of rent controlled residential properties in Sweden and social infrastructure properties in the Nordics. Further, the company aims to actively carry out property development where cash flow properties can be converted into social infrastructure building rights.

SBB’s focus is long-term ownership of rental residentials in Sweden and social infrastructure properties and building rights in the Nordics. SBB shall be a long-term partner to the public sector in the Nordic region.

The housing shortage is one of the biggest problems in society today and a challenge for Sweden. SBB wants to contribute by creating new homes, either through developing building rights or by finding land where new homes can be built.

With the aid of a strong cash flow and long leases SBB can continue to develop and expand. Due to the company’s long-term focus, SBB has achieved its goal to become the largest Nordic real estate company focusing on regulated residentials and social infrastructure properties.