SBB was founded in 2016 and has a decentralized group structure with three focused business areas: Residentials, Community and Education. SBB operates in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark – countries with strong credit ratings and favourable population growth. SBB’s property portfolio is characterized by a high occupancy rate, long lease contracts and an ability to stably increase revenue.


SBB owns and manages rent regulated residentials in growing Swedish communities. The combination of high demand and strong underlying driving forces results in a low-risk profile and a capacity for generating a steadily growing operating surplus over time.


SBB owns a leading and scalable platform specialized in owning and administrating publicly funded assets, which stands out through its growing demand, inflation hedged cash flows and minimal risk of rent losses.


SBB is part-owner of Europe’s largest property portfolio focused on social infrastructure for the public education sector. Long-term, indexed leases generate stable earnings.