All managers at SBB are responsible for informing employees about the company’s Code of Conduct on introducing new recruits to the company. All employees, including all managers, are responsible for keeping themselves informed on both the Code of Conduct and other applicable policies within the company, as well as regarding applicable legislation. Information regarding the Code of Conduct will be presented in conjunction with conferences, at least once annually, as well as in connection with any updates. The Code builds on the principle that all employees are individuals who are responsible for their own professional conduct. The Code of Conduct also applies to SBB’s suppliers.

  • No one may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs in connection with work being carried out at SBB.
  • SBB does not accept any form of bullying, such as isolation, harassment, or verbal or physical abuse.
  • Each employee is to be compensated in accordance with the principles for remuneration applied by SBB, in accordance with which, the individual’s performance and contribution to the company’s success are fairly assessed. SBB applies collective agreements and follows the appurtenant principles for wages, wage-setting, and other remunerations and terms.
  • Gifts, entertainment, remuneration and personal benefits can only be offered to a third party if they are of low value and in accordance with normal business practices.
  • SBB applies zero tolerance of bribery.
  • The Board of Directors of SBB has adopted an in-house insider policy. The purpose of the insider policy is to reduce the risk of insider trading and other prohibited acts. The insider rules affect different positions to varying degrees, but all employees must be aware of and comply with the provisions included in the insider policy. It is each individual’s responsibility to be aware of and comply with, not only the insider policy, but also any legislation and other regulations regarding insider information and the management thereof at any given time.