SBB manages, acquires and develops properties for important societal functions in areas offering long-term development potential. Major investments are being made to upgrade and develop the portfolio by renovating apartments, premises, common areas and facades. Outdoor environments, such as playgrounds and green spaces, are also being refurbished and new outdoor lighting is being installed to do away with dark and unsafe places and to help increase biodiversity. People’s homes and local environments are made more pleasant and security is improved throughout the area. In some areas with SBB properties, security is a priority focus. For this reason, an important part of the business model is to invest in improving these areas’ social conditions, thereby contributing to favourable and socially sustainable development. Among other things, this is achieved by creating meaningful activities for young residents and by collaborating with local organizations on projects to improve the social environment in various ways.

A basic objective of the operations is to continuously develop the properties and the residential environment, bringing well-being and security, as well as a positive local identity. As a long-term property owner and manager, social sustainability and prevention of marginalization in and around our properties is of utmost importance.

Risks and opportunities related to social sustainability, for instance working conditions in our supply chain, safety in and around our properties etc, are managed by senior management. Our CEO is responsible for this and it is integrated into our regular risk management processes.


Progress and initiatives in Social Sustainability 2020

Leading in social infrastructure

Social values at the core of our business During 2020, an inventory of social values in SBB’s product portfolio was done and they were integrated into SBB’s financial reporting. Detailed information is presented in the quarterly reports and the Annual Report. Social infrastructure generates 98 percent of SBB’s rental income. SBB’s business builds on understanding and development in line with the long-term demographic development, SBB’s CEO and founder Ilija Batljan is an expert in the area with a PhD in demography and planning for elderly care.
Social Bonds The societal benefits of SBB’s business model have been demonstrated through SBB’s issuance of the world’s most extensive social corporate bond in 2020. A new sustainable financial framework was developed in 2020. The sustainable financial framework presents a definition for the company’s social assets in the categories “Affordable housing”, “Health care facilities” and “Access to essential services”. The assets’ contribution to the global goals has been examined by a third party and has been deemed to make a significant contribution to global goals 3. Good health and well-being, 4. Quality education and 10. Reduced inequalities.
Responsible Business
Health and safety in SBB’s assets [H&S-Asset][H&SComp] [GRI-416-1] SBB’s responsibility for health and safety extends to all of SBB’s assets and workplaces, including construction sites. Safety inspections are regularly conducted in its own and contractors’ workplaces where risks are inventoried, assessed and resolved.
Dialogue with, and development of, local communities [Compty-Eng] SBB develops local communities, applying a holistic perspective with regard to social, ecological and economic sustainability. SBB has a locally rooted property management organization that has close contact with its customers. Risks and opportunities are analysed. Dialogues with municipalities and residents are a mandatory part of SBB’s detailed planning processes. Project-specific conditions and requirements, such as local goals, ecosystems, acoustic environment, etc., are addressed and integrated into the continued project development.
Indoor environment
and accessibility
Healthy indoor environments are of the utmost importance to SBB. All newly obtained properties are environmentally inventoried and these inventories are updated every ten years as a minimum. Among other aspects, the occurrence of asbestos, radon and PCB, as well as energy consumption are inventoried; decontaminations of substances hazardous to health and the environment (including asbestos) were done in 86 percent of the 695 apartment renovations carried out in 2020. SBB sets high standards on accessibility in all of its newly built properties and makes efforts for greater accessibility in its renovations. SBB owns and manages apartments that can also be rented by people with fewer financial resources. Customer satisfaction is investigated through close dialogue with the locally rooted property management; a major customer satisfaction survey is planned for 2021.
Number of summer workers in SBB’s residential areas 134
Support for refugees SBB has contributed to UNHCR with 10 Better Shelter refugee homes and 100 tents to help improve the housing situation for refugees.
Number of workplace accidents 0 – All incidents and injuries that occur in the organization are reported to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency and the Swedish Work Environment Authority, as well as AFA Insurance.
Supporting Läxhjälpen and
Mentor Sverige
SBB sponsors Läxhjälpen (which provides free help with homework) for 15 pupils in grades 7-9 at the Guldhedsskolan school in Gothenburg. SBB is also a member of Mentor Sverige (which provides mentors for young people entering the labour market).