To safeguard transparent, accessible and consistent reporting in accordance with the ESG criteria, SBB has resolved to adhere to a number of global frameworks and standards. It is in SBB’s interests to provide stakeholders with sustainability data meeting the best standards available. Examples of external partnerships and frameworks that SBB has joined and/or supported are listed below:

  • UN Global Compact
  • The Paris Agreement
  • The Global Goals
  • GRI
  • EPRA’s guidelines on sustainability reporting
  • CDP
  • The TCFD recommendations
  • Sweden Green Building Council (SGBC): Environmental certification of properties
  • Green Bond Principles, Social Bond Principles, Sustainability Bond Guidelines, Green Loan Principles

Economic Sustainability and Governance

SBB’s goal is to have good economic growth, which creates the conditions for investing in the climate and the social environment. By being profitable, the opportunity is given to drive and develop sustainable property management and construction. Through low financial and operational risk and robust management, SBB will deliver strong risk-adjusted value growth with an increasing cash flow and an increasing dividend to its shareholders. All employees, partners and suppliers act ethically and in line with SBB’s Code of Conduct. An economically stable landlord with robust management entails professional property management and a sense of security for the tenants.


  • Investment grade rating BBB + in the short term and A- in the long term
  • 100 per cent sustainable financing
  • SBB shall be classified as a green share on Nasdaq Stockholm



Progress and initiatives in 2020

Best in class in ESG

Reducing carbon dioxide emissions caused by our workforce

Our company car policy offers opportunities for plug-in hybrids or fully electric models. Opportunities to work both locally and remotely reduces travel needs.

Involving all employees in sustainable development

Initiatives in connection with personnel meetings and training to increase awareness of sustainability issues in general and of SBB’s sustainability targets in particular.

Involving all employees in the company’s targets and commitments

Involvement through exchanges of experience during training. Incentive programs also enable participation by all employees.

Effective governance

Board of Directors with the sector’s deepest skills and experience

Skills-enhancing initiatives are included on the agenda of every second Board meeting, including further training in a particular area of the operations. Annual assessment of the Board of Directors in connection with the audit.

Board composition

Since 2018, 30 per cent of Board members have been women.

Board nomination and election

The 2020 Annual General Meeting resolved that the Nomination Committee should comprise representatives of at most the three largest shareholders and the Chairman of the Board. The Chairman of the Board was tasked with contacting the three largest registered shareholders in terms of votes as of 30 September 2020, requesting that each appoint one member to the Nomination Committee. SBB applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.

Procedure for addressing conflicts of interest SBB applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. The Board of Directors, Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee are elected in accordance with the Code.
Leading the sector in transparent reporting

We apply industry-leading standards and frameworks in our reporting: GRI, EPRA, CDP, SASB, etc.

CEO assessment

The Board of Directors assesses CEO annually.

Internal control

SBB follows COSOs framework consisting of five components: control environment, risk assessment, information and communication, monitoring activities, and existing control activities. This secures the management of responsibilities, systematic assessment of risks, establishment of control structures and activities on all organisational levels, systematic sharing of information between relevant parties and stakeholders as well as follow up in all organisational levels.

Customer value

Contributing to more efficient property management and freeing up capital for SBB’s customers. Last customer satisfaction survey was performed in 2019, covering 45 % of the current portfolio. A new survey is planned for 2021.

Sustainable supply chain

All suppliers are required to comprehend, sign and comply with our Code of Conduct and our Sustainability Code for Suppliers. A compliance review was initiated in 2020.

Ethics, anti-Corruption and IT security 

Independent Board members

Since 2018, 80 per cent of the Board members have been independent.

Disseminating awareness of ethics and fostering anti-corruption throughout the workforce

Initiatives to increase awareness of ethics and anti-corruption in connection with personnel meetings and training. These topics were addressed at 100 percent of training events in 2020.

Number of incidents reported to the whistleblower function

No incidents were reported.

Human Rights

Systematic risk assessment and risk management with special focus on working conditions, freedom of association, right to collective bargaining and discrimination. There is a special focus on groups at risk within the industry such as: migrant workers, third party contractors, women, and local communities.

Zero corruption

SBB does not tolerate any form of corruption, fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, extortion, bribery, embezzlement, or illegal financing of political organizations and acts vigorously to prevent and counteract these. This includes regular risk assessments and annual training for all employees. No cases of corruption were detected in 2020.

High-risk markets

SBB focuses on the Nordics and does not engage in business in any high-risk markets.

IT-Security IT security is governed by the IT-Policy and the IT-Security Policy. The incident response is governed by the IT-crisis and incident management process policy. IT-security is regularly reviewed and updated by SBBs IT-Manager.
Responsible lobbying

SBB does not support political parties and only engages as a member with respected and established associations such as the Swedish Association of Property Owners, Sweden Green Building Council and Public Housing Sweden.

Economic sustainability

Customer value

Contributing to more efficient property management and freeing up capital for SBB’s customers.


Achieve an investment grade rating of BBB+ in the short term and of A- in the longer term

Sustainable financing

Continued growth and development of SBB’s green and social portfolio with financing and goal attainment according to SBB’s sustainable financial framework.

Risks and opportunities

Risks to and opportunities for the business are primarily managed by SBB’s management team with support from the Board of Directors; SBB’s CEO is responsible for leading this work. Risks and opportunities in technical development, competitors, demographic development, climate (physical, regulatory, transitional risks) are managed. SBB’s management team and Board are composed for maximized breadth and depth with experts in a number of different areas and leading industry experts.

Innovation and digitization

Developing innovation initiatives and future-proofing a strategy generating value

Several pilot projects in renewable energy and energy recovery, as well as in digital property performance control and monitoring.

Developing our properties for a high level of connectivity and control

The energy usage in all of our properties is registered online in our energy monitoring system. Fully digitized leasing process for rental apartments.