SBBs Dividend Policy is to generate a steadily increasing annual dividend.

The Annual General Meeting 2023 resolved to adopt the Board of Directors’ proposal for appropriation of the company’s profit/loss in accordance with the approved balance sheet and in accordance with what is stated in the annual report.

The resolution means that a dividend of SEK 1.44 per Ordinary A-Share and Ordinary B-Share will be distributed monthly as well as SEK 2.00 per Ordinary D Share quarterly to the shareholders.

On 8 May 2023, the company communicated through a press release the intention to postpone the record dates occurring after the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 14 June 2023.

The Extraordinary General Meeting on 14 June 2023 authorized the Board of Directors to determine the record dates for all classes of shares in relation to the dividend resolved on by the Annual General Meeting 2023. Based on this authorization, the Board of Directors decided on 21 June 2023 that dividend resolved on by the Annual General Meeting 2023 that has not yet been paid, for all classes of shares, shall be paid on one record date and that such record date for all classes of shares shall be 28 June 2024. This date may be subject to change depending on when the Annual General Meeting 2024 is held as the record date for resolved dividends must occur prior to the Annual General Meeting 2024.