Per Sand has been appointed new Managing Director of the Morphic subsidiary Cell Impact AB. Per Sand previously held the posts of Vice President and Head of Sales and succeeds Martin Valfridsson, who has been appointed President and CEO of Morphic Technologies AB.

Per Sand has worked at Cell Impact since March 2006. Together with Martin Valfridsson, he has built up a successful business and has in a short space of time established Cell Impact as one of the leading suppliers to the fuel cell industry. Cell Impact has now concluded around 170 partnership agreements with customers from different sectors in respect of the company’s method for component processing using high-speed technology, known as adiabatic softening.

Per has previously been Head of Sales at Bulten Stainless Industry and has extensive experience from working in exports of advanced components to Asia, one of Cell Impact’s principal markets.

Per will take up his post as CEO with immediate effect.

About Cell Impact AB
Together with the parent company, Cell Impact is responsible for the Group’s operations in the field of fuel cells. The main business is the production of flow plates for fuel cells.

Cell Impact has developed a technology that makes it possible to produce flow plates cost-effectively, considerably faster, and to a higher quality than has previously been possible. The products are manufactured at Cell Impact’s production plant. The plant, which is unique in the world, has made it possible for the first time to mass-produce flow plates in stainless steel and other materials using high-speed technology.

The market for flow plates is large. Cell Impact focuses mainly on flow plates for fuel cells for the automotive industry, portable electronics and stationary power units. Its customers include leading companies in the automotive and consumer electronics industries.

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