Social sustainability is an important part of our promise to build a better society. The growing gaps in health and living conditions between different groups of society and residential areas are one of our major challenges in Sweden today. The property industry has a major impact and extensive potential to contribute solutions for greater cohesion, belief in the future, health and trust. We consider it to be crucial that our business and industry understand and can address social challenges today.


  • Continuing to be a member of Sveriges allmännytta (Public Housing Sweden) and participating in the residential social work of the municipalities
  • Continuing to contribute to young people’s occupation by offering at least 100 summer jobs every year to young people who live in our residential areas.
  • Offering adapted apartments for people with disabilities in inclusive environments and owning and managing apartments that can also be rented by people with fewer financial resources
  • Annually contributing at least 10 Better Shelter refugee homes and 100 tents through the UNHCR to help improve the housing situation for refugees
  • Continuing to support organizations, such as Mentor and Läxhjälpen (homework help), that contribute to giving young people a better start in life.
  • Being an attractive and inclusive employer for the best and most professional employees, regardless of gender or background
  • Actively working to create environments where tenants and employees feel safe